LinkedIn Business and Staff Profiles

If you are looking to enhance the visibility of your business online and the achievements of your staff members, LinkedIn is an excellent tool to network with potential clients and business partners. As part of our Business Services, we provide LinkedIn profile writing for staff members and your business.

We have a team of experienced writers with a strong understanding of the most effective strategies to present your business and your staff members on LinkedIn. Passionate about getting results, we will work with you to ensure our services are tailored to the culture and objectives of your organisation.

What are the Benefits of LinkedIn?

With over 500 million members worldwide and over four million active monthly Australian users, LinkedIn provides an exceptional opportunity to develop connections and open doors for your business. Considering the fast growth of social media within Australia and our affinity for technology, there is every indication that our use of LinkedIn will continue to climb. Some of the benefits of using LinkedIn for business and staff members are listed below;

Through LinkedIn, your business can network with current and potential customers, business partners and employees. By creating a professional and well-written profile, your business can easily connect with other business and individuals all around the globe and build brand awareness.

Customer interaction and satisfaction
A key benefit for having any kind of social media account as a business is the opportunity to interact personally with customers. LinkedIn provides an excellent platform for responding to enquiries from your customer base and conducting surveys to ensure your business strategies are aligned with the needs of your customers.

Lead generation
Given the large number of LinkedIn members, the platform is the perfect environment for promoting your brand and identifying opportunities for building your customer base. By optimising your business profile you can generate new customers and break new ground.

LinkedIn is designed to connect organisations and members with similar interests and potential for collaboration. So, having an expertly crafted profile is an ideal avenue for attracting top talent to your organisation and advertising job vacancies.

Highlighting staff achievements
By creating LinkedIn profiles for key staff members in your organisation, you can showcase their key achievements, such as their educational qualifications, career highlights whilst working with your business and their key strengths.

Our Business Services
LinkedIn Business Profiles
LinkedIn provides an unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and organisations
LinkedIn Staff Profiles

Optimised LinkedIn profiles for your business and staff members enhance your brand power and create opportunities for growth.

What is Included in our LinkedIn Profile Writing Service?

Our process works to make sure your LinkedIn profile is carefully researched, written and presented. We ensure your profile is edited and approved by multiple members of our team so that you receive the best results possible.

Resume Writing Phone Consultation
1. Consultation
We will phone you to discuss the background, culture and vision of your organisation, and a consultation with any staff members who require a new profile or profile makeover.

Resume Writing

2. Writing
Your assigned writer will then carefully research and write your LinkedIn profile with your key strengths and attributes in mind ensuring your profile reflects your achievements.

Resume Editing

3. Editing
The writer then sends the draft to an editor to ensure that the punctuation, spelling and grammar and the general presentation of your information is flawless.

Resume Design

4. Upload
Your new LinkedIn profile will then be uploaded to the platform for you, enabling the opportunity to connect with new contacts and business partners.

30 Day Resume Guarantee5. A 30 day guarantee period applies to all jobs
If for any reason, you require any revisions to your profile, we provide a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee, whereby we can make any amendments in alignment with your preferences.

Why Choose Select Resumes?

At Select Resumes, we are committed to delivering the best results possible for our clients, which is why we are passionate about the outcomes of our services. We work to ensure your new Linked profile is thoroughly researched, carefully written and well presented.