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The Importance of LinkedIn

LinkedIn Profile WritingWith over 500 million members worldwide and still growing in membership, LinkedIn is commonly described as Facebook for business. In Australia, LinkedIn has approximately 4,200,000 active monthly users. More and more, HR and Recruiting departments are searching social media networks for additional information related to job applicants, including Australian Government job websites adopting the use of an Apply with LinkedIn button.

LinkedIn is an incredibly helpful networking tool to dramatically improve your chances of finding an ideal employer, or for helping them find you. In 2017, LinkedIn was rated the best channel to generate awareness in Australia for recruiters seeking talent.

Your LinkedIn Profile Can Find Opportunities For You

LinkedIn Profile WritingOne of the key strengths of LinkedIn is that it helps potential employers find you, even when you’re not actively applying for work. The list of accomplishments, connections, testimonials and skills on your LinkedIn profile helps a prospective employer get to know more about you then they would by simply reading your resume.  They can then make hiring decisions based on the information on your profile. It is important to invest in a significant amount of time and professional effort to ensure you have the right information in your profile to leave a lasting impression. You must stand out above the rest of the crowd. A professionally written LinkedIn profile helps you stand out from the crowd and put your best qualities forward for recruiters and potential employers to discover.

Professional LinkedIn Profile Writing

Select Resumes provides a professional LinkedIn Profile Writing service to give you the best chance to leave a positive impression. The profile we create gives your potential employer an opportunity to read a clear rundown of your career history, as well as a look at your key skills, recommendations from co-workers and managers, certifications, interests, volunteer work and connections.

In order for us the provide the best LinkedIn profile we can, we conduct an in-depth phone consultation and will send you a specialised LinkedIn form to gather all of the relevant information from you. The whole purpose of creating a LinkedIn profile is to promote your best, most relevant qualities, so we make sure that all information is focused on your achievements, knowledge and experience tailored for your specific requirements.

LinkedIn Profile WritingBefore LinkedIn existed, it was much more difficult to connect directly with potential recruiting managers, or even other individuals who share similar skills and job titles to your own. With LinkedIn, you can create an online profile to connect with co-workers, professionals in the same industry as you and potential employers. The profile we create will capture your expertise and value and with the click of button you can begin networking. You can no longer afford to neglect your LinkedIn presence!

Having a professional writer create or makeover your LinkedIn Profile will help connect you with professionals in your industry.  The connections you form on LinkedIn give you an outstanding opportunity to create business networking collaborations and enhance your career search.

For a professionally written LinkedIn Profile contact Select Resumes today.

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