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Key Selection Criteria Writing Services 

 Select Resumes offers the services you need, if you:

  • are addressing key selection criteria
  • are preparing a cover letter
  • are negotiating your next career move

At Select Resumes, we are proud that our interview success rate is currently over 80%.

How do we achieve this? It’s simple. We know what employers are looking for.

Select Resumes Expertise

We have vast collective experience in public sector recruitment. We have:

  • helped develop selection criteria assessment for recruitment processes
  • sat on interview panels in public sector recruitment
  • reviewed and scored public sector selection criteria responses.

In short, Select Resumes’ selection criteria writers have an expert understanding of what managers are looking for when reviewing selection criteria.Selection Criteria Writing

Key Selection Criteria: Getting You Onto The Shortlist

The goal of your job search is shortlisting for an interview. At Select Resumes, we will help you decode job advertisements and key selection criteria. We will listen to you, and translate and tailor your skills, achievements and experience into a format that employers want to read.

Government employers, whether federal, state or local, use selection criteria at all levels. Many more other employers for example in the corporate, health, education, not-for-profit and other sectors also require applicants to address key selection criteria.

Still other employers will expect you to address the criteria in the job description in a brief or detailed cover letter.

At Select Resumes, we have vast collective experience in successfully writing selection criteria that gets results – that is, shortlisting for an interview.

Key Selection Criteria: Understanding Their Purpose

Public sector and other roles require responses to key selection criteria.

What are key selection criteria? Your responses to key selection criteria are your statement about your ability to perform the role. Many roles will ask you to respond to 5 to 8 criteria covering the key skills, education and experience you need to succeed in the role.

Your responses to the key selection criteria demonstrate more than that, however. When written well, they demonstrate your written communication skills.

Managers and panels have limited time and will discard applications that do not address the key selection criteria directly, relevantly, succinctly and impressively.

Your responses to the selection criteria must be of the highest standard if you wish your application to be seriously considered.

If you are serious about gaining an interview for a position use the contact us button or book a key selection criteria writer today on 1300 614 714.

Our Key Selection Criteria Process

We provide a minimum 45-minute consultation with an experienced selection criteria writer to draw out the raw information to prepare your responses with. We then professionally address each key selection criterion. We will ensure that each point is answered with:

  • relevance
  • concrete examples
  • brevity
  • a coherent structure
  • keywords
  • truthfulness and positivity
  • tailoring to the advertisement or job description
  • professional-standard writing.

We will demonstrate that you can do the job including with transferable skills and guarantee you a good individual score for each criterion.

After your consultation and one of our selection criteria writers has written your responses, a Select Resumes editor will grade and polish your selection criteria document to ensure perfection.

We are proud of our excellent selection criteria writer rates and believe in charging competitive prices for these services.

We are proud of our excellent selection criteria writer rates and do not believe in charging unrealistic rates

Our Selection Criteria Team

The team of selection criteria writers at Select Resumes are hand-picked for their interpersonal as well as their outstanding writing skills. They have extensive, up-to-date knowledge of the job market.

Importantly, they are highly trained and experienced in deciphering job advertisements and position descriptions. They know how to understand what the employer is looking for and how to target your responses to meet those expectations.

They will take the time to make sure they gain an excellent understanding of your skills, experience and achievements, including how they can transfer to a new role. They will present your case to your potential employer in a winning way.

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    What happens once you place an order…

    Our unique process guarantees that every document is reviewed by a professional writer and editor to ensure a high-quality end product. From the phone consultation through to you receiving your documents, the standard turnaround time is 7 days unless you have specified that you require an express service.

    1. Phone Consultation
    You and your assigned Writer have a phone based consultation which will last about 30 – 45 minutes. The Writer will ask you questions about your career history, yourself, your professional goals and preferences.

    2. Writing
    Your Writer will now use all the information you have sent by email as well as the notes from your phone consultation and create the most professional selection criteria you’ve ever had.

    3. Editing
    Your Writer sends your completed selection criteria to the Editor who ensures punctuation; grammar and other errors are eliminated.

    4. A 30 day guarantee period applies to all jobs
    During this time you can request any revisions or amendments to any part of the writing, editing and design process.