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Recently completing a Bachelor in Psychology, my client wished to transfer her leadership and support skills into a Youth Services or Mental Health role. She requested help with a professional resume, cover letter and statement of claims to support this.

During the consult, we discussed personal branding, identifying the client’s key strengths and personality traits that would make her stand-out amongst competing applicants.  The client requested assistance in making a design choice, so together we picked a colour and pattern that matched her strengths: relationship building, compassion and leadership.

We discussed examples from the client’s previous work and highlighted those that had directly transferable competencies and experience relevant to the new role.  To add strength to the claims, I wrote in the S.T.A.R format, with the result making a direct connection from the current role to the next one.

The Statement of claims needed to demonstrate the following selection criteria:

  • An ability to create and maintain positive, professional relationships with students, parents and colleagues
  • A practical understanding of pastoral care in an educational setting for teenage girls
  • Highly motivated, self-reliant and responsible with good decision making skills
  • The ability to fully commit to the dynamic and vibrant life of a modern academic and residential community
  • Personable and dynamic with a flair for effective communication at all levels
  • Effective leadership skills and the ability to manage the administrative aspects involved in leading a boarding house, including staffing, risk management, communicating with relevant stakeholders, etc.
  • Relevant tertiary qualifications and/or considerable relevant experience

Using consistent personal branding and highlighting the immediately transferable skills across the documents, I made the content transparent to the reader that the client has the experience and education to merit the transition in career path.