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The brief for this position was to compile a resume and cover letter for the client to transfer to another school. The client has extensive experience and had been at the same school for more than six years.

She was looking for a role that gave her some room to continue moving forward into the role of a Classroom Teacher or Teacher-Librarian with a future view to a Head of Campus position. The client had strong skills with her curriculum knowledge and excellent skills in developing and implementing pedagogical practice within a classroom setting.

During the consultation, we discussed her experiences and drew out the points that set her application apart from others. Her current school had been chosen as a pilot school to implement AAP and NPDL pedagogies, and she had been chosen to lead the implementation.

This developed a strong interest and skill set that we were able to capitalise on, highlighting her strengths and showcasing her as a highly versatile candidate who can offer schools the opportunity to implement pedagogical practices that will develop and enhance student learning.