Systems Desk Analyst – APS5 Statement of Claims

Having substantial experience as a Customer Support Officer in the APS, this client was looking to expand on their current skills and apply for the position of APS – 5 Service Desk Analyst in the Technology Services Division of Services Australia.

Within the role of Service Desk Analyst, applicants are responsible for supporting end-users through incident management processes by accurately recording, updating and closing incident records, capturing the resolution and knowledge in the ICT Incident Management System. To apply for this role, the client was required to provide a 600-word statement of claims addressing the criteria outlined in the job description. These include:

Key Duties

  • Perform identification and classification of incidents and requests to an appropriate incident priority.
    · Use incident management systems to record, update and close requests as per agreed procedures.
    · Perform diagnosis and resolution of incidents that is accurate, informed and resourced using the tools and knowledge available to you to ensure quality advice and resolutions.
    · Meet the nominated KPls for triaging Incidents and follow Service Desk procedures.
    · Liaise and work with managers and employees using the appropriate channels to provide
    accurate and timely advice on ICT related matters.
    · Update and draft the ICT information knowledge database with legislation and policy
    amendments, frequently asked question topics, technical applications or other ICT related
    · Develop and maintain up to date, in-depth knowledge across one area or customer benefit
    in collaboration with managers and team leaders.
    · Prepare documentation for review by senior staff including corporate and technical

Key skills/knowledge to undertake the role:

  • Deliver excellent customer service by providing quality advice on ICT matters leveraging the ICT knowledge database and other relevant resources.
    · Support and provide assistance to others.
    · Manage time and organise workload against competing priorities and performance
    · Ability to escalate issues when identified and where determined following the nominated
    · Identify and recommend continuous improvement opportunities on the effectiveness of the
    incident management process.
    · Adapt to a changing environment in a positive manner.

To complete the Statement of Claims, I contacted the client, engaging them in a discussion about their skills and experience in addition to how the acting APS5 position they were currently contracted to might assist them in transferring their skills to the advertised position.

During our discussion, I elicited specific examples from the client that would demonstrate their ability to address the relevant criteria of the position, ensuring they provided me with a specific Situation, Task, Action and Result. This enabled me to incorporate the STAR model in compiling the client’s Statement of Claims.

Because the client was required to submit a Statement as opposed to individual responses to specific criteria, it was agreed that we would use examples that would incorporate a number of the Skills and Duties outlined in the job description. In doing so, I made sure to incorporate keywords and language applicable to the job description in order to demonstrate that the client had a thorough understanding of the nature of the position and an ability to interpret the selection criteria effectively.

Thorough planning and familiarisation about the nature of the position and expectations of a Service Desk Analyst, as well as the Government Department to which the client was applying allowed me to effectively guide the applicant through our phone conversation, successfully extracting information that would be pertinent to her application.

I am satisfied that the client has been presented positively as a viable applicant for her chosen position, and I look forward to any feedback from the client regarding the outcome of her application.

The brief for the position was to write a 600-word statement for an experienced APS Officer within Defence for the position of ICT Security Officer. The Position description listed three criterion points to be addressed mainly focused around logistics, communication and familiarity with the Defence environment. The client wanted assistance in linking their extensive experience in the field and providing more ICT project information to show the ability to also understand the requirements.

During the consultation, we discussed some of her previous work and how we could add more ICT information and in particular, discussed a major ICT project that she was recently involved in. For the other points, we drew from her existing experience with two other examples that satisfied the brief and covered items such as stakeholder engagement, length of service in Defence and the ability to achieve results within the organisation.

Although the client was not currently in an IT role, it is hoped that by showing exposure to large projects, ICT staff and SME’s that there was enough experience to move into the merit pool for upcoming roles.