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This order was for a Resume and Cover Letter required for immigration and visa purposes. The client was highly skilled and experienced in Analytics and Product Development, as well as Project management.

My approach to the consult was to get to know the client, understand her objectives for going through the visa process, and where she would like to see herself. This was fundamental in addition to gaining a general understanding of her career and professional motivators.

Being a document required for visa processes, I helped the client ensure we were covering all the vital areas, as well as ensuring that I had all her work and education history. I was able to do this by focusing on key areas in the consult and asking more in-depth questions, as well as making suggestions of what was important to include.

In this case, it was important to keep communication clear, to the point and specific in what information I needed.

The consultation process was smooth and informative with this approach. I was then able to guide the client in what extra information I needed to ensure her document was as accurate and appropriate as possible.

Due to the positive interaction, the client then decided to proceed with an additional document written by myself, that she was originally planning to complete herself.