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Due to complete her Graduate Nurse 12-month program, this client intended to apply for registered nursing positions in the area.  During the consultation, we discussed her career aspirations and why she had chosen to nurse.  Whilst chatting, I also made sure we had discussions covering off on her education, professional development, achievements, employment history and current referees.  Through this conversation, I discovered that she had worked her way up to being a Registered Nurse; completing qualifications and simultaneously working in the field as an Enrolled Nurse and Assistant in Nursing.

The client chose a bright, attractive and easy to read design from the extensive Select Resumes gallery.  I am always looking to differentiate my clients and make their applications stand out.  As such, I crafted a cohesive story through her professional profile and career outlook sections, demonstrating her commitment and capability as a Registered Nurse, and highlighting her professional awards.

Using the STAR methodology, I highlighted two achievements under each of the four nursing positions she had held in the last 12 years.  I matched each achievement to a different key responsibility area within the scope of practice for a registered nurse.  For example, working effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary team, or completing timely and accurate patient assessment, planning and intervention.  Through these examples, I demonstrated that the client has the knowledge and capability to do the job. Additionally, she has a close alignment with the key attributes and values of the nursing profession.

The cover letter supported the resume.  It was written so that the client could quickly amend the editable version and use it in support of a range of general nursing applications. The client was extremely satisfied with the delivered products.