Provisional Teacher’s Resume and Cover Letter

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As a graduate or provisional teacher, it can be difficult to showcase your skills effectively. Wanting to ensure his resume and cover letter looked and sounded as professional as possible, my client sought help when unsure of how to best discuss his professional experience.

For many graduate teachers, showcasing experience can be complicated, as their employment history is often in unrelated fields, and their practical experience supervised and heavily guided by mentor staff. Speaking with the client to gain an understanding of his achievements within both teaching and non-teaching roles allowed me to not only showcase his efforts within the classroom, but also the ways in which his non-teaching work has allowed him to hone and develop skills that will help make him a more effective teacher.

Taking a reflective approach allowed me to demonstrate the client’s commitment to self-evaluation and focus upon professional development, subtly showcasing important skills and characteristics teachers need to flourish in their role. This also allowed me to show readers why my client chose teaching as a career, highlighting his dedication and motivations as well as areas of particular focus.

By reframing non-teaching roles, and highlighting my client’s motivations, I have ensured his resume and cover letter give readers a clear understanding of his character, motivations, and ability to positively support their school and teaching teams.