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After recently completing his university studies in Primary School Teaching, the client was ready to start applying for advertised roles. The first role that he wanted to apply for required a professional resume and two-page cover letter that demonstrated his competency against the domains that govern the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:

  • Professional knowledge;
  • Professional practice; and
  • Professional engagement.

As a recent graduate, during the consultation we identified and explored the examples from his practicum placements that best demonstrated his competence in each of the domains, such as how he had effectively built rapport and relationships with the students during his placements, when he had effectively applied evidence-based practice strategies in his teaching, and the recent professional development activities he had undertaken.

The client chose a resume template from the extensive Select Resumes gallery that was specific to teaching and captured the essence of his style as a teacher.  We framed the three-page resume to highlight his key skills and abilities, his many achievements during practicum placements, and the directly transferable skills from his previous career as a chef.

The end result was a compelling summary of the client and his capabilities, that will support him in securing his first teaching job.  And from the client – “Wow, looks great!”

Industry: Teacher WA