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Written by Dorinnia

This client was a teacher who had been working within one school for a number of years. She had a history of casual teaching when her children were young, and now she wanted to get back into a position where she could eventually progress to leadership.

She had a range of skills and experiences that came out during our consultation. She felt that these were not relevant. However, I pointed out that wellbeing was a big part of school life at the minute, and her skills as a Yoga Teacher would be beneficial in the school setting.

She had undertaken a variety of positions at the school she was teaching in now, and so I broke the key responsibilities down to highlight the aspects of each role and showcase the skills she had acquired.

As there was no particular job she was applying for; I wrote the cover letter in such a way as to be useful for a variety of teaching jobs. In this way, I am confident that her documents will help her gain an interview.

During the consultation, she expressed concern about the interview itself, and so I advised her of our Interview Consultation service, which helps prepare candidates for this.