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This client was a teacher who had been working in a job temporarily for a short period of time. Although she had already made significant changes in the French department within the school and had a number of initiatives that she wanted to implement, she was concerned as her background had always been music and drama.

She was worried in case another candidate with French qualifications would seem like a stronger, more qualified fit.

Before the consultation, I read over all her documentation and reacquainted myself with the Professional Teaching Standards for WA and how best to write an extended cover letter that would address the standards. Then when we were talking, I was able to guide her to use examples that would address each strand within the three standards.

During the writing process, I incorporated all examples and addressed all aspects of the Standards, illustrating the client’s abilities through the use of detailed examples. As a result, I have created a strong application which not only outlines how her teaching methodology aligns with that of the school and provided examples of her past experience, but I have also portrayed her enthusiasm for the position and the ideas she has for the future of French within the school.