Highly experience Registered Nurse in Patient Safety

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This client was a well-established Registered and Clinical Nurse predominantly specialising in perioperative care. Having held many roles in management, including unit and project management, she was looking to move into a position where the spectrum of her skills would be utilised, and her knowledge in patient safety was recognised.

She was looking to apply for a specific role. However, being quite a jump responsibility wise; she was focusing on just getting her foot in the door with the application.

The consultation process for the resume was well utilised with the client being organised in sending through the required information prior. Upon going through the application requirements, I pointed out that there was also a cover letter and Key selection criteria requested.

As the client did not have the time to write these documents her self nor participate in another consult, I ensured we thoroughly went through the additional process and had the extra documents added to her order.

Due to the time factor and the deadline looming, at this point, I put together a set of questions and guidelines that she could follow, via email. This allowed her to provide the adequate, additional, information to me so that I could ensure all aspects required were covered in the additional two documents.

Tailoring the experience to the client’s needs and availability, I was able to meet the requirements of the application as well as the tight deadline.