ICT Security Officer Statement of Claims

The brief for the position was to write a 600-word statement for an experienced APS Officer within Defence for the position of ICT Security Officer. The Position description listed three criterion points to be addressed mainly focused around logistics, communication and familiarity with the Defence environment. The client wanted assistance in linking their extensive experience in the field and providing more ICT project information to show the ability to also understand the requirements.

During the consultation, we discussed some of her previous work and how we could add more ICT information and in particular, discussed a major ICT project that she was recently involved in. For the other points, we drew from her existing experience with two other examples that satisfied the brief and covered items such as stakeholder engagement, length of service in Defence and the ability to achieve results within the organisation.

Although the client was not currently in an IT role, it is hoped that by showing exposure to large projects, ICT staff and SME’s that there was enough experience to move into the merit pool for upcoming roles.