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This client had great experience and skills within the mining and resources industry, and was eager to establish a long-term career in this sector, and progress gradually towards a leadership position. With pages of handwritten notes, he was ready for a professional document that showcased his skills.

During the consultation, we discussed his immediate and future career goals and worded these into a solid career outlook paragraph to compliment the professional profile. This introduced him as a qualified and licenced tradesperson with strong technical skills, and experience on crucial mining industry projects.

The client’s key skills section listed his versatile technical skills, outlining a commitment to safety, sustainability and environmental aspects. These are vital points for clients wishing to establish a career in this industry, and it is important to have a full awareness of how to incorporate these aspects into their tasks.

His career history showcased his key responsibilities on projects and the goals that he met in terms of deadlines, safety and working within multi-disciplined teams to achieve project goals. The resume and cover letter show a highly competent candidate who happy to work in remote or rural locations, and his versatility in adapting to new environments, processes and equipment.