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This client has had over 30 years of experience as a logistics, maintenance and transport professional working on major infrastructure projects for Broadspectrum and Balfour Beatty, as for the military in Australia and the UK. Having achieved all his goals, he was not looking to climb any higher but rather to consolidate his considerable achievements in a role where he can drive positive change.

His achievements in developing award-winning and cost-effective training packages have already been rolled out throughout the road construction industry and his ability to bring to bear skills leaned in Lean training are now what interests him.

My job was to highlight his achievements in such a way that underlined his unique value proposition, whilst still focussing on the arc of his career.

It was clear from the chronology of his resume that much of the ground-breaking work he had achieved was mid-career and that he had been building on and finessing this since then. Not wanting his main achievements to be ‘lost’ mid-document, I used much of the CAREER SUMMARY element of the document to highlight these accomplishments.

The key elements I ensured were ‘front and centre’ in his resume were:

  • His demonstrated skills in the provision of support, advice and leadership to staff on complex issues, corporate information, risk management, progress, achievements and risk of outcomes
  • Hi abilities in asset, maintenance, logistics and project management, and experience in leading highly complex and technical projects
  • His proven abilities in managing, motivating and retaining high performing and loyal staff through regular performance appraisals, compliance monitoring, and training and mentoring
  • His proven expertise in logistics, warehousing, contract negotiation and fleet management

Having restructured the way in which his skills were presented, I significantly tightened up the content of his existing resume, deleting repetitive and irrelevant information, and made the entire document, much more readable and succinct. Finally, I chose a new design template that more accurately reflected the skill set he wanted to be at the fore of the resume.

Industry: Maintenance