Comprehensive responses to key interview questions

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The brief was to create relevant and targeted responses to questions the client anticipates facing at the interview stage. I created a comprehensive resume, cover letter and selection criteria for the client in recent weeks, so I had a strong understanding of the position being interviewed for. The aim was to demonstrate the synergy between the skills and knowledge of the client and the role.


During the consultation, we discussed specific examples we could include to showcase her professional achievements and demonstrate to the panel what she could bring to their team. A results-based approach was used to underpin the examples selected for inclusion in the final piece. The client also supplied information outlining key stakeholders and expected outcomes within the entity she is applying for to give further context to each response. This enabled examples to be linked to the strategic goals of the interviewing employer.


The final piece is a series of evidence-based responses addressing key lines of questioning the client anticipates facing at interview for her targeted position. Relevant achievements were showcased; the client’s vision for the position was communicated; and a strategy for market penetration was delivered.