Case Study – Decision Maker Officer APS4. Department of Home Affairs

The brief for this job was to create a one-page response outlining the client’s skills, knowledge and experience, why he was interested in the role, what he could offer the department. In addition, I needed to provide examples which demonstrated his ability to perform the role.

Before consultation, I read the role description extensively and all links to other specifications, and information which may be of benefit. As the instructions for the response were vague, I wanted to make sure that I addressed all aspects of the role for the client to make sure he had the best possible chance for selection.

During our consultation I was then able to get as much information from the client regarding examples and details of his current and previous roles and how they would answer the brief. Because I had asked in my initial email to think of examples, my client was able to give me several relevant situations. Using precise questioning I guided him to provide me with all details.

When writing the response, I had a vast amount of information which I was able to use; the biggest issue being to limit it to one page. However, I was successful in ensuring all information was addressed succinctly and adequate examples included which demonstrated the client’s abilities and strengths.

Written by Dorinnia

Industry: Government