Arboriculture Professional Transitioning to Mining via Entry Level Role

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This client has been working in arboriculture for the public, commercial and private sectors. Having worked in a variety of physically demanding roles as a Climbing Arborist and Team Leader, he is now wishing to transition into the mining sector by leveraging his hard and soft skill sets. Although having reached a leadership role in his existing role, he is aware and willing to take an entry-level role to establish his skills, and also to discover where his skills can be best utilised. He is in a position where he is prepared to work any roster, as well as take on fly-in-fly-out positions to be as flexible as possible.

My job was to position the client in a new resume as someone with an upward arc of experience and proficiency and an individual with strong safety awareness skills. His extensive list of tickets and licences were also complimentary to work in the mining industry, and I was careful to highlight these on page one. It was also important to highlight his soft skills – that of being a someone who works well in pressurised situations is good in team dynamics as well as being able to carry out his tasks unsupervised, and also his experiences leading crews. Although not necessarily pertinent in an entry-level role, it was important to highlight his potential as a Leading Hand and perhaps Supervisor – a role he would eventually like to move into.

The key skills I highlighted in his resume were:

  • His outstanding work ethic, with a proven aptitude to lead, to perform well unsupervised and also engage and motivate others
  • His excellent verbal communication skills across wide hierarchy from junior staff to senior management
  • His skills as a strategic thinker able work calmly and decisively under pressure and to meet deadlines
  • His strong ability to maintain a high level of focus for extended periods of time
  • His strict adherence to occupational health and safety policies and procedures
  • His wide-ranging practical skills associated with manual-based duties and operations

The cover letter summarised all these qualities and articulately presented his passion and commitment to re-invent himself in a new industry, leveraging his existing trade in arboriculture to do so.

Although the client was not currently in an IT role, it is hoped that by showing exposure to large projects, ICT staff and SME’s that there was enough experience to move into the merit pool for upcoming roles.