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This client was requiring help with her resume, cover letter and a two-page statement addressing key capabilities pertaining to her experience, knowledge and credentials. Upon consulting with the client, I helped to rectify her overwhelm of how best to present and compile her career in a way the presented well on her resume.

She had held a number of contracting roles most recently and we worked to ensure this presented less like she had swapped jobs regularly by pulling together the transferable skills and experience.

For the two-page statement, we made an additional timeslot for a consultation to give her more time to decide on the examples she wanted to use. Once we were able to better discuss the examples, I was able to complete a high-quality two-page statement the represented her extensive skills and experiences that aligned with the position description.

The result of my approach in this way, was that the client was satisfied with the content she had decided to use, and in turn, we create an exceptional and accurate representation of her career across all three documents.