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When my client needed help in the creation of a three-page statement of claims, she felt that she was struggling to choose the best examples to show her skills. It can be difficult to figure out which example will most effectively showcase the value you can bring to a potential employer, and another perspective can be very helpful to narrow down your potential responses.

While some of the client’s ideas were incredibly strong, others were quite typical for her industry, and we used the consultation call to evaluate and decide upon the examples to use to ensure each response gave her the best chance to succeed.

When drafting responses, getting the right amount of detail is vital – too little detail, and your example may not make sense to the reader. Too much, and the message can get lost. Using the STAR method, we workshopped each response to get as much meaningful detail as possible, ensuring the clarity of context and message in the finished document.

By taking the time to get the examples right, rather than just going with the first idea, I was able to give my client the best chance of success, and I look forward to hearing how her application progresses.