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Select Resumes Case Studies

With a strong record of accomplishment across over ten years in business, Select Resumes prides itself on only recruiting the best of the best Resume Writers! Our team of Resume Writers are passionate about what they do and take their work very seriously. They understand the impact that their writing has for our clients, as well as the investment it takes to put together a successful application. And we do not just mean the financial investment. More often than not, applying for that dream job can seem like you have to invest copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears!

And that is why we exist – to take the pressure off you and ensure that you are putting your best foot forward each and every time. To achieve that, Select Resumes invests in dedicated Writers, who are provided with exceptional training and coaching to become experts at what they do.

We understand that a lot of trust is put into engaging a service such as ours. Therefore, we appreciate that if you want to understand what the best Resume Writers will offer you, then it is beneficial to see their thought processes.  It is not enough to know that our Writers can craft together words legibly; they need to actually understand what drives you to be successful in order to reflect your best self, in words that you would use. In addition, this needs to be expertly communicated in the right context, for your specific reader – which, is the recruiter. Therefore, a thorough understanding and appreciation of the role you are applying for, as well as the industry, is always necessary. These are just a few of the things our Writers consider when working collaboratively with clients on their orders.

Our Case Studies are an excellent way to see the thought process that goes into creating our outstanding and highly successful documents.

Please take a look through our Case Studies below.

TAFE Lecturer – Cover Letter, Resume, Statement of Claims

When the opportunity to apply for her role permanently arose the client knew there would be many applicants. The application needed to succinctly address the selection criteria with tangible examples. The cover letter, statement of claims and resume needed to be cohesive and well written, showing a good understanding of both the nursing and vocational training sectors.

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