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Professional Resume WritersAt Select Resumes, we are a team of professional resume writers, editors and designers dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of career services, including resume writing, key selection criteria writing, coaching for interviews and LinkedIn profile assistance.

Established in 2008, within a short timeframe Select Resumes has grown to become one of Australia’s leading professional resume writing companies. As of 2018, our team provide career services to approximately 2,000 clients each year, demonstrating the continuing growth of our company.

We pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction levels, now having achieved 99% satisfaction across 10,000 clients.

Select Resumes has developed a unique multi-step writing, editing and design process which takes into account the benefit of having multiple team members viewing and improving upon each document. In our research of the marketplace, we identified several key flaws in the resume writing industry, the most glaring of which was spelling errors within resumes and cover letters.

Thus, we created a process involving three to four stages, to guarantee several people view each document, enabling us to provide quality assurance in our services. Every member of our team brings a unique set of strengths and experiences to the process, allowing us to cover every angle and prepare error-free, high-quality documents.

Resume Writing Process
  • By providing individualised and expert career services, we pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know the specific needs of each client and providing the best career outcomes possible. This means we are invested in the end result and long-term career success of our customers.
  • Total customer satisfaction – our 30-day revision period where any part of the writing and design work can be adapted to align with the needs and wishes of the customer
  • Staying up-to-date with changing trends in the recruitment industry provides us with the adaptability to keep up with today’s competitive job marketplace
  • Our resume and cover letter service includes a detailed phone consultation to determine the needs and requirements of each individual case and then a three-step process of writing, editing and designing.
  • In addition, our selection criteria writing services cover the full process of Key Selection Criteria statements, from consultation to writing to design.
  • We also provide interview skills coaching which includes information related to what recruiters are looking for, the types of questions you may be asked, confidence and rapport building techniques and dealing with panel interviews.

Select Resumes provide expert services in the creation of both Commercial and Public Sector resumes. Making sure you have a strong skill set outlined is a must, as is ensuring you display the requirements of the position.

Typically, Public Sector position applications require a key selection criteria statement to address certain qualities and skills the recruiter is seeking in a potential employee.

Professional Resume Writing Services

As you will see when you navigate through the site we write, edit and provide an exclusive design template for your resume, ensuring it stands out from the crowd.  We have 100 general and industry-specific templates to choose from, each designed to maximise your chances of being seen.  Furthermore, our designs are carefully crafted for imagery, colour and layout to stimulate a favourable disposition toward the job-seeker.  You can select one, or our writers are happy to choose one for you.

Our innovative and extensive collection of resume design templates offer a unique, wide-ranging and on-trend array of options to choose from, ensuring there is something for everyone. Our skills in designing bold and creative resumes and cover letters have been demonstrated through the enthusiastic feedback we receive from our clients and their success in the job market. The positive word-of-mouth generated by our customers has been crucial in the continued growth of our business. Of course, an effective resume design doesn’t guarantee success in the job-seeking process, which is why we back up our designs with highly-skilled and talented writers to ensure every aspect of your career documents are addressed.

Professional Resume Writers

Resume Writing Team

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Our writing team come from a range of diverse industries and bring forth a comprehensive set of experiences to create an accomplished and across-the-board variety of talents for any challenge we come across. Our collective depth of knowledge ranges from Human Resource Management to Banking and Office Management to IT and the health industry. With an average of ten to fifteen years experience in dozens of industries, we can ensure there is an appropriate writer with the right knowledge for any scenario.