Are You an Extrovert? Find the Perfect Job!

2021, Career Guidance

Known to be the centre of attention on any occasion, extroverts are outgoing, friendly and sociable people who are loud and always make sure that their thoughts and opinions are heard by all. This means there are certain industries and job types that perfectly align with these traits, and will make you a valuable asset to a company. 

Extroverts tend to adapt well to a company’s stakeholders, superiors, colleagues and work environment. They are highly receptive towards others. They do particularly well in the sales, marketing and communications departments. The ability to respond well to others and to get their attention comes in handy when meeting with existing clients and potential customers. They are able to charm their way to get things settled quickly. They also tend to be well-liked by clients. This attribute even helps them in easing tense situations, especially when in meetings and discussions. 

If you identify as an extrovert, you’ll want to find the perfect job that plays to who you are so that you can feel like your happiest and most productive self. The more a person chooses a role that aligns with their behavioural strengths, the higher the likelihood they will perform at a higher level – and choose to stay in the role longer. Typically, an extrovert will have a far higher likelihood of long-term success and greater performance in a role that requires action, a high degree of contact with other people, a forum to express ideas, and freedom from mundane or routine tasks. They will also be drawn toward an environment that is faster paced, not as restrictive, and where they have the freedom to create and develop their ideas.

Are You an Extrovert?

So what are typical roles where an extrovert will thrive? 

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurses (RN’s) provide medical care for patients, whether that’s in a hospital, doctor’s office, surgical centre, school, home or other healthcare facilities. Depending on what kind of care the patient needs, or what area they specialise in (for example, emergency care, paediatrics, or neonatal), on any given day RN’s might be monitoring a patient’s vital signs, administering medications, reviewing treatment plans with patients and their loved ones, or assisting a surgeon during emergency surgery. Interacting with people is at the very heart of an RN’s job, whether that be coordinating with doctors, providing care directly to patients or interacting with their families. So, whilst RN’s require the medical training and skills to support their patients, they also need to be able to keep their energy high while navigating constant social interaction – and extroverts are up to the task.


Teachers develop lesson plans, give lectures, create educational experiences (for example, games that help students grasp a specific topic), and provide direct support to students to help them achieve their full potential. Teachers may also lead after-school programs or extracurricular clubs associated with their subject (for example, a public speaking teacher might lead a debate club while a music teacher might spearhead their school’s musical theatre program). Teachers spend the majority of their day in the classroom teaching, which involves talking to and interacting with students. But teachers also have to manage relationships with school administrators, parents, and other educators, so being an extrovert and having the qualities that are common to them can make teaching a happier, more energising experience.

HR Manager

Human resources (HR) managers are at the forefront of all things people-related within an organisation. Depending on the company, the HR manager’s responsibilities may include orienting new team members, managing employee wellbeing, and developing and implementing initiatives that reinforce the company culture, and valuing and supporting the team. Because of the nature of their role, HR managers interact with a wide variety of people throughout the organisation, from new hires up to CEO-level personnel. It’s a role that requires a high level of social skills and the ability to connect with a wide hierarchy of personalities throughout the day – making it a great role for extroverts.

Other roles and industries you may wish to consider include:

  • Retail
  • Flight Attendant
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Events Manager
  • Counsellor
  • Financial Advisor
  • Tour Guide
  • Sales Manager 

Ultimately, whether you’re an extrovert, an introvert (we’ve tackled this personality type in another blog), or somewhere in the middle, choose a profession that makes you happy. Chances are that your inherent personal nature will steer you toward the ideal occupation.

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