Currently Select Resumes have not one but two mining resume specialists.

…Michelle and Melanie have over 15 years of experience working in various HR and recruitment functions. Both have spent time with the major players within the mining field, the likes of Rio Tinto, Downer Edi etc… Since Melanie started with Select Resumes, she has produced over 600 mining resumes, generating a huge ‘word of mouth’ promotion of our business through the excellent results of her mining resume clients. Michelle has now joined the team to help cope with the extra demand through wide spread word of mouth in the mining industry.

2 HR and recruitment professionals from the mining sector.

We welcome Michelle to the team! We know that with her dedication to helping mining candidates, she will prove an invaluable asset to the growing Select Resumes mining resume client base.

The team at Select Resumes recognises that looking for a job within the Mining, Oil and Gas Industries require a specific and focused approach. Our team of professional writers includes a number of experts who specialise in mining resumes who have many years of specific experience within the Mining Industry.

Our writers work with you one on one to ensure your skills and experience are accurately captured within your resume, giving you the best opportunity to secure the position you really want and all the benefits that go with it.

In addition to the expertise and personal attention select mining resumes clients get from their designated writer, each of our clients mining resumes is also professionally edited. The Select Resumes Mining Resumes team also includes a graphic artist who works on your mining resume creating a unique and eye catching design which instantly makes your mining resume stand out; this is unique to select resumes.

Over the years we have found that this feature gives our mining resume clients the edge and contributes significantly to our over 80% success rate.

Once you’ve got your professional mining resume and covering letter, there are a few extra things you can do to increase your chances of getting the job you want even more:

Make sure you amend the details in your covering letter to be correct for each application. Select resumes mining resumes covering letters are delivered in word format so that you can make these changes yourself.

Notify your referees that they might be receiving a phone call. This will mean they are ready and prepared to talk to hiring managers about your mining resume and application.
Get some help preparing for the interview, select resumes interview skills coaching is an invaluable tool in your ‘get the job you want’ arsenal.

Select Resumes will design your mining resume in something that suits what you do. Your resume will look better than other applicants, therefore your resume will get you more attention.
These days with competition increasing all the time, it is essential you stand out from the sea of other applications immediately and that the hiring manager or recruiter wants to read your resume as a result.

Select Resumes also does an interview training session that is designed for those looking for advice on how to get into the Mining, Oil and Gas Industries. Our trainer has experience in a HR function within large, well known mining companies.

It’s not enough to get their attention; it’s about a lasting, professional and compelling first impression. So make sure the company you choose doesn’t use resume designs, you deserve a unique design that represents you.

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Are you seeking a resume writing service? Select Resumes can provide this service to you at the highest standard. Select Resumes also offers dedicated selection criteria writers to give you the help that you need for even the most complex government job applications. Once you have secured your interview, talk to us about our experienced and passionate interview skills coaches so that you can feel more confident at your next job interview.