Social Media LinkedInEmployers are stepping back from finding quality employees through expensive search firms and online ads that qualified applicants possibly are not searching because they are currently employed. What is very popular is word of mouth referrals and social media networks, specifically LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has connected thousands of job applicants and human resource professionals together forming outstanding business networking collaborations. No matter how great you feel your current resume and LinkedIn profile are, having a professional LinkedIn writer makeover of both can keep you at the top of the search results and a go-to person on LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn Profile Can Speak For You

Your LinkedIn profile lists your skills, work history, accomplishments, and business associates testimonials. This means a prospective employer will already know if they want to continue to find out more about you and make hiring decisions, just from reviewing your profile. It is important to invest a good amount of time and professional effort into ensuring you have relevant keywords in your profile. You must stand out above the rest of the crowd, so a catchy heading will speak for itself.

Be Informative In the Group Forums

You can use your expertise to get you noticed and remembered in group forums on LinkedIn. If you are a consultant or freelancer, join groups made comprised of your target audience. The key is to provide value. People are going to notice you and keep you in mind. Remember, many people sign up for email notifications of group discussions. So, although they may not actively participate, they still see you on a constant basis.

Ask Your Connections for Assistance

Connections are a perfect way to be introduced to someone at a company. You can also ask them for a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile to help get your foot in the door with an organisation. Try to build your connections with people that can enhance who you are as a professional in your industry.

Reach out to your connections and engage in conversations. Rather than just connecting, say something meaningful. For example, if you are connecting to someone from your alma mater, ask them what they have been up to since graduation and if they are local, maybe attend a business mixer together or go out for coffee.

Follow Companies that are Important to You

A great way to find out about vacant positions perfect for you is to follow that company. Once someone has left their position and updated their profile, you will see that vacancy and be ready to put your best foot forward for that position.

Network Both Online and Offline

Numerous LinkedIn groups meet offline during social meet and greets, networking events, promotions, informative seminars, career fairs, and other important sessions. Get involved and meet some of the influential decision makers at these events.

Doors will surely open for you using LinkedIn. Even a professional writer can find a new job or more clients with the help of a well-polished resume and LinkedIn profile. Remember, LinkedIn is your online portfolio and your chance to shine.

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